We help organizations do well by doing good.

Our goal is to make the world a better place by partnering with our clients to create exceptional programs and content that address major societal needs.

About Bon

Who we are...

We are a team of learning designers, program managers, coaches and consultants. Our team has experience designing and delivering learning programs, content and engagement initiatives for organizations across the Middle East, North America and Asia.

Powerful questions guide our work.

How can we inspire and enable youth to build the future of our nation? How can we turn unemployed graduates into highly skilled and productive employees in a year? How can we promote financial wellbeing in our community? These are the types of problems that we get asked to address regularly.

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Creative. Agile. Ready to Co-Create.

From research to ideation, prototyping, design, development, delivery, assessment and handover, we love collaborating with out clients to create engaging programming and content that inspires and develops hearts and minds.
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What is this really about?

Is a question that we love to ask ourselves when digging into new problem spaces. Get a glimpse of what we are about below.
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Anna Batchelder

Co-Founder & CEO
Activator, communicator, connector, wife, mother, entrepreneur, coach, yogi, Anna has 20 years of experience designing and delivering learning programs across the Middle East, North America and Asia. Her favorite question to ask is, "What does the world need us to create?" When she is not working, you can find her exploring, reading or baking with her family, listening to podcasts or jogging at the beach.

Christopher Batchelder

Co-Founder & Creative Director
Designer, ideator, creative, collaborator, partner, thinker, tinkerer, Chris like building things, especially at early stages. Over the past 12 years he has led, from concept through implementation, programs in business, design, industry, technology and education. Chris' program designs are always comprised of self-teaching, self-learning, social learning, discovery, construction, exploration, challenge, global awareness and deep curiosity. He has served more than 25,000 program beneficiaries in the past 5 years and is always look to scale impact in ways that are sustainable.

Elizabeth Graff

Learning Experience Designer
An educator and designer, Elizabeth has 14 years of experience creating, implementing and evaluating educational programs in North America and the Middle East. She seeks inspiration for the programs that she designs in positive psychology, applied improvisational theatre techniques, non-violent communication, human-centered design and universal design for learning. Outside of work, Elizabeth enjoys tending to her vegetable garden, learning new skills through DIY projects and making up silly songs for her nieces.

Danna Herradura

Program Liaison & Executive Support
A connector and an advocate, Danna’s passion for empowering and enriching lives through the creation of heart-centered projects led her to pursue a career in projects and events management. Her experience varies from spearheading fundraisers for nonprofits, hackathons for start-ups, tours and shows for multinational companies to camps and workshops for schools and government organizations. Her favorite daily mantra is, “My radiance projects onto the world and elevates everyone I meet.” On weekends, you’ll find her in various volunteering events or cozying up at home watching documentaries about space exploration, true crime and anything Audrey Hepburn.

Michelle Hollett

Content Development Manager
As a writer, editor and researcher, Michelle has been working in the field of international education for more than a decade in North America and the Middle East. Her interest in connecting with people through stories stems from a journalism background, and she carries this desire to bridge differences and foster learning through clear language and engaging ideas. Outside of work, Michelle enjoys spending time with her family, dancing and exploring nature.

Extended Team

Various Roles
Programers, artists, designers, translators, educators, trainer and many more people join our team to execute our projects. We also leverage our client's human resources to ensure knowledge transfer and capacity development.

Human-experience design guides our approach.

We are constantly thinking about how people come together to share, learn, collaborate and enjoy learning and work as a meaningful and important part of life.

Our goal in creating any program or piece of content is to create and deliver engaging learning experiences that reflect how people actually want to learn, work and play.

“We are at a crossroads where human programs are intersecting with computer/machine programs. It is essential we pay as much attention to programing ourselves and our societies as we do to advancing technology.”

Chris Batchelder,
Co-Founder & Creative Director