Creating a Human Capital Pipeline for ATIC and Mubadala through Youth STEM Programming

Advanced Technology Investment Company (ATIC) and Mubadala’s Human Capital teams approached Bon with the following brief: Develop a series of highly engaging STEM education camps that will inspire Emirati youth to pursue studies and careers in science, technology, engineering and math. The goal of the camps was to identify university scholarship candidates for Mubadala that would eventually graduate and join one of Mubadala’s asset companies.

Bon worked closely with the Mubadala team to create Tech Quest. The camps focused on industries such as aviation, manufacturing, healthcare, semiconductors, robotics and more. 

Bon was responsible for creating unique program content for each camp, hiring and training all staff, managing program implementation and identifying a cohort of “top talent” to receive further leadership development and full university scholarships for overseas study from Mubadala.

The video below is from the first year of camp. Bon continued to support ATIC & Mubadala for several iterations of the program in the years to follow.


  • Full program and camp curriculum developed for Mubadala
  • 11 2-week camps managed and delivered across multiple regions and years
  • 1000+ Emirati youth trained


  • Program development
  • Content development
  • Program management
  • Program implementation
  • Impact assessment and reporting

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