Highlighting the Meydan Brand Amongst Youth and Families

Meydan Racecourse and Dubai Racing Club approached Bon to develop a program that would get children and their parents excited about coming to Meydan. 

In response to this brief, Bon created the Meydan Equine Education Program - an initiative that teaches school children about the history and heritage of horses in the UAE and the modern sport of horseracing. 

Bon was tasked with developing a curriculum, recruiting schools to participate in the inaugural program and training Meydan and Dubai Racing Club staff on how to lead educational stable tours and manage the program moving forward.


  • “Program in a box” developed for Meydan, including all content, program operations manuals and staff training (English/Arabic)
  • 150+ student pilot
  • Successful program handover to Meydan staff
  • 5+ years of program operations post-launch


  • Program development
  • Content development
  • Program management
  • Program implementation
  • Program handover

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