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About Bon Education

Learn about Bon, our impact, our programs and our people. We're passionate about making the world a better place through programs! ❤️

About Bon Education

Bon Education is an educational consultancy and program design studio. We create engagement and employability programs for youth and young professionals.

Our programs enable youth to: 

Bon Education takes its name from the Japanese word bonsai - 盆栽. Both of Bon Education's founders started their education careers as teachers in Japan.

Bon Education was founded in 2009 in Ras al Khaimah, UAE. 🇦🇪 We have been proudly serving youth in the UAE and the MENA region since then. We are excited to scale and grow our impact throughout the world.

We design educational programs to create containers for growth and conditions that are empowering.

How do we utilize programs and programming to create positive change that is aligned to your objectives?

At Bon Education, we help our clients translate their values into action. Value-added, educational and engaging outreach programs create a beneficial two-way exchange between organizations and program participants that generates goodwill.

We strive to use a co-creative design process grounded in mutual respect, influence and transparency between the program sponsors and the program beneficiaries. This leads to long-term positive impact and programmatic sustainability.

Our work focuses on three themes that are fundamental to building peaceful and prosperous societies in the decades to come:

Theme 1: Employability and Workforce Readiness

We design learning programs to help youth and young adults build knowledge and skills to bridge the gap from university to the world of work. Helping youth find and retain meaningful employment in the fast-changing world of work is a key priority.

Theme 2: Engaging and Activating Communities

We activate communities and engage stakeholders to expand horizons, make connections, build skills and unlock potential. We work with our clients and partners to promote strategic industries, sustainability initiatives, access to opportunity and understanding of how to fit into the economy of the future.

Theme 3: Career Discovery & University Preparation

It's a big world out there! We work to expand understanding of industries and sectors to help youth gain a broader vision for their future careers. We also focus on skills students don't get in traditional schooling environments, including general professionalism, career awareness, creativity, innovation, design and many more.

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