Building Youth Leadership Capabilities in the Great Outdoors

Building Youth Leadership Capabilities in the Great Outdoors

Our task for this project was to develop an outdoor leadership program for university students from the GCC.

Bon Education

Project Summary

Bon was asked by a federal government entity to develop an experiential program that teaches university students important leadership skills through an unforgettable global expedition.

Bon partnered with Outward Bound to co-develop an outdoor leadership training program for youth from the GCC.

Participants learned ocean survival skills, tackled obstacle courses, climbed mountains and planned expeditions. Along the way they were challenged by a variety of physical, communication, leadership and organizational challenges that stretched their capabilities and helped to develop resilience in the face of adversity.

A cultural exploration program was also attached to this project.


  • Participants honed their communication skills in the face of adversity
  • Participants confronted cultural barriers and found ways of navigating them while respect their belief systems
  • Participants experienced sustained discomfort through physical challenge to build resilience


  • Program development
  • Content development
  • Program management
  • Program facilitation of leadership content (English/Arabic)
  • Program experience curation of educational and cultural excursions