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[Event] Resilience & Leadership Workshop with Dr. TJ Lintz

In this workshop session, TJ will discuss leader resilience and present his research conducted at Hilti North America across three levels of leadership: frontline manager, director and executive.

Date: 20 April 2021

Time: 5:00 - 6:15pm GMT +4


Available to all members of interstory, our professional network for people working in programs.

Session Description

Have you ever wondered what makes certain leaders truly resilient? What qualities do they share? Who do you consider a resilient leader? Dr. TJ Lintz of Hilti North America has researched these questions for years, and he's now here to share what he's learned with the interstory community!

In this workshop session, TJ will present his research conducted at Hilti North America across three levels of leadership: frontline manager, director and executive. He'll also discuss leader resilience, which he's defined as "the capacity of a leader to absorb, adapt and rebound from disruptive events with added strength and resolve and an absence of dysfunctional behavior and minimal loss of momentum."

Community members will have an opportunity to consider their personal resilience and how to develop resilience in themselves and in their teams through three key areas of TJ's research: self-care, mindset and leader communication.

Session Format

About TJ

As a scholar-practitioner, TJ is currently the head of learning and development for Hilti North America. In his 15-year career at Hilti, Inc., TJ has held multiple roles across North America, ranging from sales and sales leadership, strategic marketing, talent and leadership development. More recently, TJ was the sales director for Northern California and the Pacific Northwest, where he led a diverse, high-performing sales division from San Francisco.

His passion throughout his career has been rooted in people, culture & team member development. TJ leveraged his various business and academic experience when he was asked to redesign Hilti’s learning curriculum for the North American Region. The focus was to examine and redesign the various programs offered at individual contributor, manager and director levels.

A life-long learner himself, TJ obtained his masters and doctoral degrees from the University of Pennsylvania’s, PennCLO program. His research focused on ways in which resilience can be developed during non-crisis moments by focusing the attention on identifying behaviors and characteristics of resilient leaders, and their responses during disruptive & crisis events, and how it changed over time.

His professional journey started in Chicago and has led him to Sarasota, Boston, Tulsa, Dallas, San Francisco and back to Tulsa where he now lives with his wife and two dogs.

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