[Event] Understanding the Complexity of Climate Change: The Climate Collage Workshop

[Event] Understanding the Complexity of Climate Change: The Climate Collage Workshop

In this workshop, learn about how the climate is changing and discuss what we can do about it.

Bon Education

Date: 19 June 2021

Time: 3:30 - 6:30pm GMT +4

Place: network.interstory.com

Available to all members of interstory, our professional network for people working in programs.

Session Description

The Climate Collage is a three-hour workshop, facilitated by Alex Misseri, to understand how the climate is changing and discuss what we can do about it.

The workshop is interesting because it enables participants to:

  • Understand how the climate is changing. Everyone talks about climate change these days, but few understand what is actually happening.
  • Understand the consequences of a changing climate, and connect them to our daily behaviors.
  • Brainstorm initiatives that we can take at an individual and group level to improve the situation.

The workshop is fun because it is:

  • Accessible: It's easy to understand, get into and contribute to, whatever your character and knowledge on the topic.
  • Collaborative: People learn thanks to others, through the knowledge shared and discussions that happen.
  • Creative: Some time is dedicated to making the collage artistic by drawing on it and giving it a title.

Session Format

The workshop is divided into three distinct moments:

  • 100 minutes: Positioning the cards - defining causal links between the 42 cards.
  • 20 minutes: Creative design - finalizing the collage by adding draws and giving it a title.
  • 60 minutes: Solutions discussion - brainstorm concrete actions to take in order to change course.

MURAL, "a digital workspace for visual collaboration," will be used during this workshop.

About Alex

Alex spent more than a decade in Shanghai, where he built an ecommerce startup and helped major retail brands in their digitalization and omnichannel growth. He then moved to Hong Kong to lead the digital transformation of one of the largest distributors of premium and luxury brands in Asia.

Observing over the years that growth is stronger and transformation is more sustainable when powered by meaning, he grew a passion for purpose-led change management. In 2019, he awakened to the challenges of climate change and other systemic issues, and decided to dedicate his career to sustainable development goals. He founded A Step Back to help entrepreneurs of for-profit and non-profit organizations take a step back and transform sustainably.

He now lives in Dubai with his wife and three daughters, and he enjoys mountain biking and kitesurfing.

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