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What is Career Vision?

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At Bon Education, we focus on three important aspects of career vision when building job seeking skills.

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One of our key impact areas at Bon Education is workforce readiness.

We design learning programs, such as Bon for Work, to help youth build knowledge and skills to bridge the gap from university to the world of work. And when we listen to the questions that our program participants ask about the job search process, the topic of career vision inevitably comes up:

Reflecting on these questions from our Bon for Work participants got us thinking about the multifaceted nature of creating a vision for your career. In this article, we are going to unpack three key career vision features we like to explore in our workforce readiness and employability programs.

  1. Vision of My Future. Charting your career journey by reflecting on your goals, interests, hopes and ambitions.
  2. 20/20 Career Vision. Building self-awareness and knowledge of job market to position yourself for success.
  3. What’s the Vision? Being proactive about communicating your career vision to others in interview and networking settings.
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Vision of My Future

We all want to land our dream job, right? 

The one that will provide us with purpose and motivation, making us excited to tackle new challenges each day.

It is very important to have clear ambitions to help guide your career decisions. But actually turning that dream job into a reality? That takes hard work and something else that is not often discussed – constant experimentation. Trial and error.

As Bill Burnett and Dave Evans, authors of Designing your Life (2016), point out, it’s not about walking into the perfect job on day one. Rather, it is about trying different things so that you build a clear idea of what you like, what you don’t like, what motivates you and what doesn’t. As Burnett and Evans explain, “The same design thinking responsible for amazing technology, products, and spaces can be used to design and build your career and your life.”

Try the following This or That exercise to start adding definition to your dream job. Use your responses to guide as you hunt for available jobs that align with your future career aspirations.

20/20 Career Vision

The next important aspect of creating a career vision relates to seeing clearly. Developing a 20/20 vision for your future career will help you make informed decisions, set meaningful goals, and pursue a career that resonates with your sills, interests and values. 

In our Bon for Work programs, we work with participants to reflect on and identify these personal qualities, to help create an alignment that leads to greater satisfaction and success in the job search process.

In addition to this self-awareness, the other crucial aspect of developing a 20/20 Career Vision is staying informed about industry trends and local market opportunities. We work with participants to help research current trends, demands and potential career paths.

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What’s Your Vision?

Having a clear career vision isn't just about knowing where you're headed, it's also about effectively communicating that vision to others.

To help our participants with this third aspect of creating a career vision - expressing your career goals clearly to others - we focus on developing skills through detailed modules on topics such as Professional Communication, Elevator Pitches, LinkedIn Profiles, Interview Skills and Networking in Formal & Informal Contexts.


When thinking about your career vision, remember to consider the topic from these three different perspectives.

Understanding your strengths, recognizing opportunities in the job market, and clearly communicating your will set you on the path to building your dream career over time.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this sample of our workforce readiness content.

Please visit Bon for Work to learn about our customized training programs featuring topics such as Career Planning, Interview Skills, Effective Communication, Personal & Professional Leadership and more!