Practice Areas

Practice Areas

How do we utilize programs and programming to create positive change that is aligned to your objectives?

At Bon Education, we help our clients translate their values into action. Value-added educational and engaging outreach programs create a beneficial two-way exchange between organizations and their external stakeholders that generates goodwill.

We strive to use a co-creative design process grounded in mutual respect, influence and transparency between the program sponsors and the program beneficiaries. This leads to long-term positive impact and sustainability.  

Focus Areas

In our programs, we focus on:

1. Empowering Youth and Professionals

We design learning programs to help youth and young adults build knowledge and skills to transform the future.

2. Engaging and Activating Communities

We activate communities and engage stakeholders to unlock innovation and solve problems.

3. Building Capacity and Talent

We nurture talent and connect people and places to create impact for youth, professionals and communities.

Program Types

Our core development and management process is always the same; however, we apply it to a broad range of programs. Here are some of the most common requests that we get:

1. Curriculum and Content Development

Regardless of the structure of your program, you need high-quality curriculum and content to create an engaging experience. Our team and extended network of content developers are ready to support your next project. We also have a new team working on digital projects to support blended and online learning.

2. Competitions and Challenge Programs

Competitions and challenges are a great way to create excitement and engagement among youth and adults alike. The key to a great competition or challenge is to carefully design the parameters to ensure that your participants have a compelling and valuable experience.  

3. After School Clubs and Holiday Camps

At Bon Education, we believe in the power of out-of-school time for enriching the development of youth. Without the constraints of a formal curriculum, clubs and camps can give space for creativity and imagination to flourish. We especially love to focus on career awareness, future skills and future trends as well as design and creativity.

4. Workforce Readiness Programs

Bridging the gap between school and the world of work is a commonly discussed problem that has never been fully solved. We work on select workforce readiness projects to help students have a successful transition into their first work experiences in top organizations.

5. Coaching and Mentoring Programs

Individual and group coaching and mentoring programs can have a profound effect on the growth and development of youth and professionals. The support of a coach or a mentor provides targeted learning, motivation and accountability as well as contextualized advice and experience-sharing. Bon Education has managed career and job coaching programs for the past seven years with young graduates working in leading corporate and government organizations.

6. Teacher Training and Development Programs

Teachers are the cornerstone of the educational system and extremely valuable partners in any program seeking to reach youth and families. At Bon Education, we love working with teachers, training them through our various programs and empowering them to lead after school and competition clubs with their students.

7. Evaluation and Data Systems

Every program should have robust systems of evaluation and data to ensure that resources are being effectively allocated. At Bon Education, we design evaluation and data systems to intelligently track and support program implementation and ongoing improvement (kaizen).

Most of our clients require a combination of these services, and we always mix and match in order to deliver the ideal solution. One of the best ways to get started with us is to create a program innovation playbook. See below.

Getting Started with Bon

A great way to build a new program or improve an existing one is through a comprehensive design process and scoping of your goals and objectives. Here are some of the ways we help our clients get started on new projects.  

Design Research and Program Development Services:

Service Description
Ecosystem Mapping Study the impact that you want to achieve, the market forces at play, various stakeholders, competitors, other organizations and their relationships to you to create a dynamic map of the space you are working in.
Stakeholder Research Conduct field work to understand your key stakeholders, what they need, what they want and how they think. The outcome from this process is stakeholder personas, which model those individuals and entities that are most important to your project. We also produce a needs analysis after this phase to highlight the best ways that you can add value to your target stakeholders.
Benchmarking Research We look all over the world for comparable case studies that can inform the design of your solution. Some of these examples might be direct comparisions or comparisons by analogy and provide fodder for the ideation process.
Ideation and Brainstorming Through a series of collaborative workshops, we stretch your thinking into new and uncharted territories to ensure that you consider fresh solutions. First ideas are rarely your best ideas!
Theory of Change A theory of change is a diagram that traces the steps you believe will take your stakeholders from where they are today to where you want them to be in the future. Each step is accompanied by an indicator to help measure progress. For more information about theories of change, check out this PDF.
Program Prototypes Visually appealing prototypes represent different ways of developing your program. These prototypes may be used to sell your project internally within your organization.
Strategic Project Plan A comprehensive roadmap outlines the steps, tasks, deliverables and milestones required to bring your project to a successful conclusion. This project plan can guide team members within your organization as they manage your program.
Assessment and Data Systems Every program needs to have robust metrics designed to measure results. These measurement tools should be carefully crafted to ensure accountability. We create a draft of the assessment and data systems required in order to monitor and evaluate your program.

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