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Bon Studio

Let us design, build and manage your youth empowerment program.

At Bon Education, we help our clients translate their values into action.

Bon Studio uses a co-creative design process grounded in mutual respect, influence and transparency between program sponsors and program beneficiaries. This leads to long-term positive impact and sustainability.

A multi-disciplinary approach helps us build innovative programs that are adaptive to a rapidly-changing world. Our team works fluently across education, coaching, design thinking and consulting practices to build our programs, products, solutions and services.

For over 15 years, we have taken on a diverse and exciting range of projects that has allowed us to gain experience of solving program challenges in a wide range of sectors.

Here are some of the sectors we work in:

Within organizations, we usually collaborate with departments that have a mandate to reach out to youth, families and communities.

We typically work with:

We apply our core program expertise to develop a wide range of services.

The services we provide include:

1. Curriculum and Content Development

Regardless of the structure of your program, you need high-quality curriculum and content to create an engaging experience. Our team and extended network of content developers are ready to support your next project. We also have a new team working on digital projects to support blended and online learning.

2. Competitions and Challenge Programs

Competitions and challenges are a great way to create excitement and engagement among participants of all ages. The key to a great competition or challenge is to carefully design the parameters to ensure that your participants have a compelling and valuable experience.

3. After-School Clubs and Holiday Camps

At Bon Education, we believe in the power of out-of-school time for enriching the development of youth. Without the constraints of a formal curriculum, clubs and camps can provide space for creativity to flourish. We especially love to focus on career awareness, future skills and future trends, as well as design and creativity.

4. Workforce Readiness Programs

Bridging the gap between school and the world of work is a commonly discussed problem in both corporate and academic environments. We develop workforce readiness projects to help students have a successful transition into their first professional experiences in top organizations.

5. Coaching and Mentoring Programs

Individual and group coaching and mentoring programs can have a profound effect on the growth and development of youth and established professionals alike. The support of a coach or a mentor provides targeted learning, motivation and accountability, as well as contextualized advice and experience-sharing. Bon Education has managed career and job coaching programs for the past seven years, working with young graduates from leading corporate and government organizations.

6. Teacher Training and Development Programs

Teachers are the cornerstone of the education system and extremely valuable partners in any program seeking to reach youth and families. At Bon Education, we love working with teachers, including training them through our various programs and empowering them to lead after-school and competition clubs with their students.

7. Evaluation and Data Systems

Every program should have robust systems of evaluation and data to ensure that resources are being effectively allocated. At Bon Education, we design evaluation and data systems to intelligently track and support program implementation and ongoing improvement (kaizen).

Most of our clients require a combination of these services, and we always mix and match in order to deliver the ideal solution! One of the best ways to get started is to reach out and let us know what kind of program you are looking to create! Find our contact details below.

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