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2D Pixel Art Life Coaching

Yeah, we all have fears and insecurities. Dive into this simple 2D pixel art game we made that can be used as a personal reflection.

Okay, don't get too excited! But yes, we have built an experimental game. It's a retro-style, 2D role-playing game (sans any slashing or hacking... sorry not sorry). You choose a character to play and enter a pixelated map that exists somewhere inside your head.

This game is very much in the territory of life coaching; however, the direction could certainly apply to business, sports, or any other area where you seek to grow and develop.

As you play, you are asked coaching questions - and the more or less you contemplate the questions, the more or less you will get out of the experience. Kind of like, oh, I don't know... how any form of coaching really works.

With experiments like this, we are asking questions about how we can break the "frame" of digital spaces to create a different kind of interaction. How can we create scalable learning and growth experiences by extending what we do with pixels beyond the ordinary?

This game takes a fun and slightly silly approach; however, it points in a direction we are excited to explore and develop further.

You might enjoy playing the game with a trusted friend or a family member. Let us know your thoughts.

Credits: This game was designed by Christopher Batchelder with technical and creative support from Eya Othmane. Artwork by and purchased from FinalBossBlues.